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The perfect facial for

Skin Resurfacing • Moisturising • Toned Complexion
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Safe & Comfortable
No Downtime

A revolutionary skin resurfacing approach via the combination of Hydro Dermabrasion and Spiral Vortex Technology infusing AHA, BHA, antioxidant and hyaluronic acid into the skin, softening dead cells and impurities, eliminating toxins for better oxygen and nutrient supply to cells. Restoring that natural translucent complexion and improving skin firmness.

Effective Extraction + Double Exfoliation

Vacuum Suction with unique spiral shaped abrasive edges creates
multiple exfoliation effects on skin

Vacuum Suction
Vortex Suction Vortex Suction
Exfoliation & Extraction Exfoliation & Extraction
Vacuum Suction Nutrients Infusion
Cleansing & Exfoliation
Dead skin cells are removed to reveal fresh & young skin
Hydration & Nutrition
Hydrates and replenishes nutrients into cleansed skin


Boosts elastin & collagen regeneration
Refines pores & skin texture
Brightens & smoothens complexion
Improves lymph & blood circulation
Balances uneven skin tone
Recommended for:
Acne scars, oily skin, blackheads, dehydration, fine lines & uneven skin tone

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Before and after treatment

*Results will vary from person to person.

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