Time to say bye-bye to those unwanted stubborn fat with Deep Fat Reduction!

Rm88 (n.p. RM485)

A relaxing breakthrough treatment that combines the powerful Thermo Contour Serum and SRS machine that deeply penetrates problem areas, breaking down stubborn fats.
At the same time, enhances cell regeneration, reconstruct connective tissues and increases collagen production. Complete your session with a relaxing, therapeutic massage, infused with an aromatic oil blend of lavender and orange.

How Does It Work?

Pre Care

  • ensure no cuts or open wounds on treated area
  • healthy & well
  • moisture regularly
  • keep hydrated

Thermo Contour

  • attacks fat cells & breakdowns fatty acids
  • activates lipolysis, antioxidant, glycation protection & connective tissues alteration


  • a transdermal delivery of active ingredients propelled into the deeper layers of the skin with a safe & mild electric current
  • enhanced depth of penetration for optimum result

Post Care

  • apply homecare body products regularly
  • commit to the process
  • schedule your treatments


  • slimming & toning
  • safe, effective, non-invasive
  • breakdown fatty acids
  • smoothens skin texture
  • increases blood circulation
  • anti-ageing & anti-inflammatory


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