Improves lymphatic drainage & reduces water retention
Promotes oxygenation & optimises body’s natural function
Reduces cellulite & improves skin appearance
Aids in detoxification
Firming & Toning
Decrease Water Retention

The breakthrough Dynamic Sculptor 3-in-1 therapy encourages fat burning, lymphatic drainage, relaxing “chi” massage via pressure wrap therapy with natural bio-actives to enhance detoxification, reduce cellulite appearance and water retention, leaving you with improved wellness and ideal weight management.

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Improves blood circulation Improves blood circulation
Promotes lymphatic drainage Promotes lymphatic drainage
Reduces cellulite Reduces
Aids in detoxification Aids in detoxification
Calming & relaxing Calming
& relaxing
Recommended for: Stubborn fats, water retention, bloating & varicose veins


  • Preparation Mild AHA Fruit acid gently exfoliates
    skin for better absorption.
  • Stimulation High-performance ampoule to boost lymphatic flow and eliminate fatty acids.
  • Circulation Chi massage improves energy flow and circulation in the body and frees abdomen blockages and aids healing through the entire body.
  • Detoxification To further enhance body for better active ingredient absorption.
  • Absorption Aids body’s natural detoxification process and reduces water retention.

Dynamic Sculptor Therapy Encourages Healthy Slimming

Before and after treatment

*Results will vary from person to person.

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